S. M. Celestial Jewelry Series III
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Within and Without

The best-in-class smooth and glowing South Sea pearls in irregular shapes symbolize the different roles that we have played throughout our many lives of transmigration. Spiritual practitioners bears the indiscriminate love and noble demeanor of a hermit living in the mundane world. They can travel around the world yet remain unconstrained. On the spiritual level, living in the society or in seclusion is differentiated by a thin line which but vaguely exists. Only the liberated mind is free to live within or without, and is forever sovereign!


"When we are intoxicated with love, we became like a poet, like a musician, like an
angel. Like a very noble, celestial being. We flow in the air, we don't walk. We breathe with the soul, not with the mind. We think with the heart, not with the brain. And we talk with the language of love. And we don't even talk."

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai at Mexico, May 23, 1998 (Orginally in English)
Video No.627, "Language of the Soul


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